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CORSO VANNUCCI S.R.L, with registered office in Str. Ludovico Ariosto, 37, 06063 Magione PG P.IVA 02344060542, provides this program to customers who wish to enjoy, discounts, benefits and services on the website To benefit from these advantages, you must become a holder of the “CVC CLUB”. The following conditions govern the issue of “CORSO VANNUCCI CASHMERE CLUB” card (after this “CVC CLUB”) and its use (after this referred to as the “Rules”). The “Recipient Customer” will have to read them carefully. Activation of the “CVC CLUB”, in the manner set out in paragraph 6 below, implies acceptance by the Customer of these regulations. Corso Vannucci Cashmere reserves the right to modify, even partially, these conditions periodically, and the related changes will enter into force after 10 (ten) consecutive days after their publication on If the “Recipient Customer” does not accept the changes made, they will have the right to cancel their registration. In any case, they can do this at any time, under the following specified. The use of the Card, after the entry into force of the changes, nevertheless implies acceptance, for conclusive facts, of the changes made. Corso Vannucci Cashmere also reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, at any time, this loyalty program, without the Customer being able to complain about it ( subject only to the respect of the rights already acquired by the participants at that time), giving notice on its website by email. These Regulations are always available for consultation at


CORSO VANNUCCI S.R.L, with registered office in Str. Ludovico Ariosto, 37, 06063 Magione PG VAT 02344060542.


All users enrolled in the program promoted by Corso Vannucci s.r.l. (c.d. ‘online site’) means national and international territory.


National and international territory.


This is a promotional initiative consisting of a loyalty program that involves a collection of points on a card called “CVC CLUB” and in granting exclusive advantages to the holders of the same. The initiative aims to retain Clients through a loyalty program that recognizes benefits to Clients who hold the “CVC CLUB”.Notwithstanding the above, in point 7 (“Operating Mode”) and point 10 (“Discontinuation of the program — Disabling Card — Miscellaneous”), the “CVC CLUB” is not subject to expiration.


End customers of the age of 18 holders of the “CVC CLUB” according to the registration and operation procedures indicated below.


The “virgin” card is issued to the Customer in “digital” format through access to the website The Customer must obtain the card by registering on the web at The registration to the “CVC CLUB” loyalty program will require the creation of a specific account, which will allow the Customer to access his page on the brand’s e-commerce site. The card can be used immediately by associating it with a possible purchase accumulating points. Registration systems will prevent registration in the loyalty circuit of underage Customers. Activation/registration is carried out in compliance with privacy regulations. The “CVC CLUB” is personal and non-transferable. Each Customer may not activate more than one card during its validity. The “CVC CLUB” is for private and non-commercial use only. In case of loss or theft of their “CVC CLUB”, the Customer may request its replacement by sending an email. Once we verify Customer’s identification data, we will cancel the Lost/Stolen Card. The Customer will immediately receive a new card, which will allow them to recover any points already accumulated and unused and the relative “status”.The Customer may freely request at any time to get cancelled from the loyalty program, accessing the site


The “CVC CLUB” allows the customer to earn points on purchases made. Upon reaching the minimum threshold of 150 Points, the Customer can take advantage of a discount of 15€ on the next purchase. Points earned will expire on July 31, 2020; if not consumed by that date at the expiry date, our system will reset the points balance.


Each purchase made on the e-commerce site will generate loyalty points. We give THREE points for every TEN euro spent), which our site will automatically upload to the customer activated “CVC CLUB”. Our site counts decimals in the points calculation, (e.g. 25€= 7.5 points). The points credit deriving from purchases made on the e-commerce site will be possible only after inserting the Card date in your e-commerce account. The Customer must pair the Card with the e-commerce account only once. Our system will store it for subsequent acquisitions. To collect points, the Customer must identify before issuing the receipt. They can do this presenting their “CVC CLUB”, or by indicating their surname and first name or email address issued for the card activation. In case of purchase through e-commerce, the Customer must access their Account by entering their credentials. Failure to identify the cardholder in the manner indicated above will not allow the points to be loaded, nor will the load be possible later. The Customer can at any time know their accumulated points balance by logging in to their Account through the link will be uploaded and accounted for by the system daily; in case of technical incidents, we could upload them within a more extended period of up to 15 days. Returns will charge points according to the same criteria as the credit. The issuance of “CVC Card” will generate the credit of 100 Points. Purchases paid partially/fully with Gift Card by the holder of the same will not generate any points credit. The Card does not constitute a payment card in any way; the points accumulated therein may not be transferred or converted into money or products.

8.a Points and Benefits Collection

We will upload Loyalty points to the Customer Card to the extent of the conversion shown in the table below.

ITALY10 EUR = 3 POINTS150 Points€ 15
EUROPE10 EUR = 3 POINTS150 Points€ 15
SWISS10 CHF = 3 POINTS150 Points€ 15
USA10 USD = 3 POINTS150 Points€ 15
JAPAN2000 YEN = 3 POINTS150 Points€ 15


Customers who hold a “CVC CLUB” card will be able to benefit from numerous discounts, promotional operations, prize operations, and special dedicated initiatives. Al those will be advertised appropriately and communicated by time at a time.

Corso Vannucci Cashmere reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue at any time and its discretion the “CVC CLUB” loyalty program and its services. Such modifications, suspensions or interruptions will be given specific communication by inserting a suitable notice on the website Without prejudice to any other right provided by law, including the right to compensation for damages, Corso Vannucci Cashmere may revoke the Customer’s right to use the Card and deactivate it in the event of use of the Card in violation of the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions or in case of abuse or damage to the image and trademark “Corso Vannucci Cashmere”.Besides, subject to notice, Corso Vannucci Cashmere reserves the right to deactivate the “CVC CLUB” and its activation/registration in case of non-use of the Card or inactivity of the Customer for a period exceeding five years. In case of revocation and deactivation, The Customer shall no longer benefit from the benefits and services “CVC CLUB” Corso Vannucci Cashmere is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences connected to dysfunctions of the loyalty program not dependent on one’s will. Corso Vannucci Cashmere is not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Card.


What Kind of Personal Data will we use? Your participation in the CVC CLUB loyalty program involves our use of some personal data about you. To allow your registration to the CVC CLUB loyalty program, we need to process the data provided to us at the time of registration. In particular, for the registration made through the website, the failure to provide data reported with an asterisk in the registration form makes the registration process completion impossible. With your consent, we may also use other information that you freely provide to us at the time of registration or related to how you interact with us (collectively, the “Data”).

More precisely, we will be able to collect:

the information that we may acquire by examining your interaction with us, through email and newsletters, through our websites and through the Apps that may be developed by third parties or us (for more information, please refer to their privacy policies);

the information you may share through the social networks to which you subscribed.

For what purposes will we use your Data and on what legal basis? We will use your Data, including through electronic tools:a) to manage your CVC CLUB loyalty program participation. Your Data will be used to provide you with discounts and other benefits, which we may provide for you and, more generally, for all contractual and administrative obligations. b) With your consent, we may also use your Data for the following purposes: to send you through the contacts provided to our newsletters, information about the products and services provided by our companies, offers and promotions, as well as to conduct market surveys. We may, for example, send you emails or instant messages (e.g. SMS and WhatsApp). Send you promotional materials to your postal address, contact you by phone c) to examine your preferences, how you interact with us and your buying behaviour. In particular, to better understand your tastes and interest in our products and communications, we will be able to examine — including through the use of automated systems — the information provided at the time of your registration to the CVC CLUB loyalty program purchases made during the last 12 months. E.g., your interest in communications and newsletters that we will send you. The attendance of our website, how you use our Apps and your interest in our social channels (e.g. Facebook). For more information about the Data that we may acquire through browsing our websites or through the use of our Apps, you can consult the relevant information privacy policy. Finally, we can enrich your profile with statistical information that we may legally acquire from other sources. For example, concerning your residence area (such as demographic information, georeferencing data, etc.) or the electronic tools, you use to interact with us. In any case, this profiling activity aims to personalize our services better. It does not entail legal effects or other significant effects for you. Your membership in the CVC CLUB loyalty program is in no way conditional upon the performance of the consent above. How long will we retain your Data? Your Data will be processed no later than the time necessary to manage your participation in the CVC CLUB loyalty program. If you decide to exit the CVC CLUB loyalty program, we will delete your Data within the following three months. What rights can you exercise? You have the right to request access to Data, rectification or deletion thereof, processing restriction and object to our use. You also have the right to request the delivery of some of these. You can exercise your rights by writing to the following addresses:

Corso Vannucci s.r.l.
CORSO VANNUCCI S.R.L, with registered office in Str. Ludovico Ariosto, 37, 06063 Magione PG
VAT number 02344060542:
How can you be informed of any changes to this Privacy Policy?
This Privacy Policy may change and update if there are variations in the way we process your Data or other information provided to you with the present. Any changes will guarantee, in any case, the full protection of your rights. In case of any variations that may limit the warranties to protect your Data or your rights, concerning the current version, and before starting your Data process, we will promptly inform you through the contacts provided to us. You still have the right to cancel you from the CVC CLUB loyalty program or, in any case, to change your consent and your preferences.
However, please consult from time to time the updated Privacy Policy published on


For any other information related to “CVC CLUB”, the Customer can consult the website, contact customer care at 0758472888.

I confirm that I have read the above Terms and Conditions of Use, that I have understood the content and that I accept everything provided for therein.

Last Updated: 10/10/2019