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Cashmere loves water.

One tip is to wash the garments as often as possible. Cashmere loves water: the fibres get wet, react loosening while, when they dry, they return to their original state. Besides, what you wear over each piece of knitwear should have a smooth surface, with labels or accessories not unusually protruding.

For this reason, we recommend you to pay attention to everyday habits, even the smallest ones, which can have a significant influence on the shirt duration. For example, it would be better to avoid wearing pens or rigid objects in the pockets, to avoid the pilling phenomenon as much as possible.

The pilling.

Pilling means the presence of "fibre balls", due to the rubbing of the tiny surface fibres that come out of the wire and get tangled until you can see the small balls that we call "pills". Some people tend to have a misconception of pilling, thinking it is a quality defect. This is a common and regular characteristic of cashmere and fine wool.

How to treat a clothe.

  • Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron at low temperature (Max 110°)
  • Dry clean with solvents excluding trieline (trichloroethylene), without rubbing.
  • Iron at low temperature (Max 110°)