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We weave beauty every day with experience and passion.

Corso Vannucci Cashmere was born about 50 years ago in the heart of Umbria, on Trasimeno Lake shores. This place has always been considered the cashmere cradle. With its beautiful colours and landscapes, this location has inspired our style and characterized our models for generations.

Every day we translate the passion for craftsmanship, the quality pursuit quality and the trend towards innovation into a permanent collection that updates and renews, knowing how to keep in every garment their principles and their roots.

We can turn a fine thread into a warm embrace.

Each garment is a story of fusion between aesthetics, experience and emotion.

Expert hands of artisans skillfully weave carefully selected fine yarns, to create a cashmere with natural and certified properties. Soft, silky and velvety transmits a warm and soft feel to the touch. Its lightweight fibre and resistant at the same time, allows the skin to breathe in a natural and elegant comfort at the same time.

Unique garments, numbered one by one, each with its own story to tell, to wear like a second skin in a warm embrace.

We do not design for seasons. We create clothes forever.

A permanent collection of models, without any compromise.

We ignored seasonal collections, excreted all intermediaries and decided to turn directly to our customers, focusing exclusively on creating a single collection only. Fewer pieces, no compromises, but full of love.

We believe in the natural comfort elegance.

Corso Vannucci Cashmere style is highly individual, slim, super wearable and entirely Italian.

Our craftsmanship is a timeless value, which brings elegance and authenticity to its interior — a luxury dimension based on everyday comfort, personal style and impeccable quality.